Saturday, August 1, 2009

Windows 7 - improved user experience ?

Windows 7 will be available on October 22, 2009 so Microsoft says.

My most excited experience with Microsoft is most probably windows 3.11, as in moving from DOS. Any single graphic was an amusement because it would have taken me days and months to develope a similar element using BASIC.
Likewise, configuring windows manager in AIX wasn't exactly intuitive neither. But we had NeXT so who cared about Apple anyway?
Since then, it has been just a series of monopoly and consumer ignorant abusive game. I could forgive a high school teenager fail to build a good software moving from 32 to 64 bits. But a 35 years old, largest company in the world couldn't even build a under layer driver management tool to support ALL 32bits driver in a 64bit OS, is totally outrages.

Anyway, Windows 7 is most probably an obvious non technical improvement - yea, right! Sound as if previous OSes were. Bur rather Windows 7 focuses on user experience.

So you will most likely be able to install Win7 within a shorter time, application 1st screen appears much faster, more responsive typing and mouse movement etc.

If you have read carefully, I didn't say it will install 'faster' nor will the application actually runs faster.
Yesterday a company called "MiniSoftener" pours a whole lots of shits in front of my office, rang the entrance bell and asked, "Sir, do you need cleaning sir ? Its just $999." Then they cleaned the mess. When my office girl passed over the payment, the girl said, "Thank you!"
So if someone screw you up at the first place by leaving mess in the software you have just bought. Will you pay again for them to clean up the mess ?

Well, you HAVE TO if you want to continue your business ...

You will feel much better NOT knowing why the mess was there at the first place ...

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