Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Who offers best iPhone Deal ?

I don't know about you ... for years I am not able to tell which telco actually offer better iphone deal than another. All seems like marketing fuss to me. Each has a layout plans that confuse me easily when I switch view from one Telco to another ...

Well, this is my petty try ...
1 phone : iPhone 4
2 model : 16GB & 32GB
3 telcos: Celcom, Digi, Maxis
2 contract periods : 12 & 24 months
1 verdict.
At first I don't really care about usage. I just want to buy an original iPhone that I can get full support. Considering that, it should be cheaper to get it from a Telco than from a retail shop.

Maxis wins hand down on that aspect simply because they offer the lowest monthly package where you pay only $50 per month. So for $129 a month I can own 16GB iPhone 4 and $145 for 32GB model.

But what if I do care about data usage ? ie. 500MB from Maxis $50 package is just not enough. So I analyse the price from the per GB perspective. Surprisingly Celcom comes up to the top picks.

So if you just want the phone, get from Maxis. If you use a lot and don't worry about cash flow, you should properly get it from Celcom.

It seems like no single verdict can be drawn then. I know its lame but the verdict is "it depends on what you want".

This hasn't considered
  • cash flow where the payment options would be important
  • calls and SMS and other goodies that comes with the package
  • telco specific bonus ie. extra free calls, free SMS, free facebook browse etc.
But here is the source document I use, you can go ahead and analyse for your own need : link to spreadsheet

What is your opinion ? Which telco offers the best iPhone deal ?

1 comment:

Michael Tsen said...

at the end I bought a galaxy note instead ;)

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