Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Avast 2012 takes on Remote Assistance

Avast has been my choice of FREE antivirus solution for many years now.  But the most recent upgrade seems to fail miserably when the Real Time Shield could NOT turn on no matter what I do.  So I had to un-install it.

Coincidently my TeamViewer also didn't work properly.

Then when I try to download a new version and I saw this ...

So it seems like Avast is trying to take over Remote Assistance software market by bundle into its FREE anti-virus software.  This reminds me of how Microsoft ships IE for FREE when Netscape was the real deal.

During the installation, it won't allow you to un-tick any options.

I am still trying to bring my Avast up, but once this trial fails, I shall move on to the next best free antivirus.  Anyone any recommendation please ?

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