Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Affordable 3D & Virtual Reality: Now & Future

Today virtual reality and 3D viewing have become very economical - anyone with a smart phone could experience it - for FREE !

View 3D videos right here in YouTube!

Observe there is a navigation button on top left.  But simply drag your mouse on the screen could navigate 360 degrees too.  Likewise, navigating with your fingers is intuitive as well.

Unfortunately top and bottom are blank, no images there.

That is because the device looks like this.
a video capturing rig with 16 cameras on it.

Observe that although you can view 360 degrees but scenes in most views are static so if there is only one person singing in an empty room it is totally defeating the purpose of using this 360 video technique.

One tip how to make good 3D videos - find a place where there are activities 360 degrees all around like a busy market, street full of cars.

Unique scenery view point like tip of the mountain, south pole star gazing could be exception as many people couldn't make it there so making a 3D video there could be interesting despite its static scenes but still a Panorama picture could deliver better and more details.

On mobile phones you could install an app to view Virtual Reality.  It looks something like this

You could also build something like below to view it.  You slot your smart phone in it and view it like a binocular.


But unfortunately NOT all phones are supported.  Not sure why thao.

This may give you an idea of the experience

This is Samsung version of VR

You may also download 3D apps and games too!

The next is actually Everybody can make 3D videos.  Right now the capturing device is a 16 camera rig and not yet mass produced.

  • capture 3D/360 degrees with only 3 camera
  • or use 4 cameras to capture 720 degrees view (sphere instead of just circle)

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