Saturday, March 5, 2016

Advertise in Google

Refer below steps as the simplest way to start advertising in Google;
  1. Sign up Google Adword account
  2. Setup your Ads, they call it a campaign.  The main info are;
    • Name
    • Type - choose default = google search + others
    • Location - set if you are not global
    • Set a daily Budget and Cost per Click
    • Consider add Address/Phone Number in Ad Extension
  3. Write Ads (tips)
  4. Turn on Ads and let it run for 1 week
  5. Review result and think of ways to improve
Of course in every single step above there are much more considerations in order to have a more effective ads effect.  For example;
  • you may need to consider using one account or multiple accounts
  • decide and plan well on your ads goals - is it branding, marketing, prospects or sales oriented ?
  • how to manage all the ads and champagnes together as a whole in your business strategy
  • you may want to do some research on keywords used
  • Analyse what is the best budget and cost per click to use, this is a continuous process.
  • Write your ads effectively
  • Add google analytic info on your site, that way you have more feedback info to help you fine tune your ads

Don't forget Paid Advertisement is only one method, also pay some attention to 
  • Organic traffic
  • Offline marketing
  • etc.

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