Saturday, December 13, 2008

How to use Google Chrome as a better browser

Google Chrome has been released for some time now but for some reasons Google didn't really push too hard for it.  Quite a lot of 'gadgets' are still mostly built for Firefox and IE compatible.  Surprisingly, quite some are not even supporting Chrome yet.

However, Chrome is still the Best architected browser and it still load the fastest.

I came across an article describing how to make full use of Chrome, read full article here.

Basically you will need to download some additional softwares to back and restore profiles, modify your own shortcuts etc.  After reading that article, my impression is that Chrome is designed either for no brainer web browser who care about security and crash proof AND programmer or tech savy folks who like to explore to find out how to make things work.

If you are those in between, then you may still want to stick to other conventional browser.

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