Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Maxis Broadband Re-Review December 2008

This time I am testing Maxis Broadband again mainly because of the device that comes with it - B932.

  Size : 159 x 105 x 27 mm
  Weight : < 250g 
   HSDPA 3.6Mbps Download 384Kbps UL 
   UMTS 900/2100M 
   GSM/GPRS/EDGE 850/900/1800

Maxis center itself doesn't have this device.  Only a handful agents grab ALL the devices before it was released to the market hence you may only get it from those agents.  Unfortunately I don't know who they are but you can always ask for it.

At first glance, I saw the power adapter is a USB compliant port. So I was thinking this device can be used anywhere with a power supply USB cable.  It would be bulky but rather cost effective.  However, when I finally got the right cable plugged in, it won't power up !  I would guess I may need to configure using 2 USB ports to power this device up but I didn't think its worth while for me to spend that much time and money.

These are the accessories comes in the box. One big missing thing is the antenna, however, the device functions ok without one. Which is also a plus point.

This is how the device look. Quite a lot of blinking colors at front makes it quite cool. This button at the corner is to on / off

The SIM slot is accessible without taking any part of the modem off. This makes it hot plug and play. However, upon testing with Digi broadband with the correct settings, this device still won't work with Digi Broadband.  So I assume this device has been locked for Maxis only.

At the end,

. It cann't power up without power adapter so its not portable ( not that they claim it is )
. I cann't use it with other broadband services so its not a long term device I should keep

With that, there is really no reason why I should keep this package.  Read previous post about limitation on wireless telco broadband service and I could have bought a much better device at lower price and less contractual commitment.

So I had to return this to Maxis again within 7 days.  The difference is this time the return went through quite smoothly.  They didn't give much hard time nor any nonsense excuses.  The staff even 'make up' the reason as 'drop connection' in the form without asking me what the problem was.


Anonymous said...

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