Monday, November 24, 2008

Maxis Broadband - bewares ...

7 days FREE Trial ?

When you return the modem and packages in perfect condition, you leave with nothing.  Then you have to wait patiently until they send you your refund in a cheque.  They claimed they will send within 12 weeks.  But sometimes they may come back and see you returned the modem more than 7 days and therefore will enjoy no refund.  Then they will charge you RM 200 extra for terminating in less than 12 months !

No Minimum Contract Period ?

CHEAT again !  If you stop in less than 12 months, you will have to pay RM 200 'handling fee'.  Whatever terms they call it, they want you to stay for 12 months ... even though they said they don't.


If you have use other mobile phone operated broadband before, then you already know you will almost NEVER get 3G not to mention 3.5G or HSPDA.  You average speed is as good as any GPRS connection, about twice faster than a 56K dial up.

3GB per month ONLY !!

It is NOT highlighted anywhere but you are expected to use up to 3GB per month only !!  After that Maxis will limit your bandwidth, drop your line and totally disable you to use more than that at all !

What kind of Unlimited broadband service is this ?


** OUT OF TRACK 思 想 出 軌 ** said...

They might be stealing the tricks from HK where the service providers have tones of competitors... Thats why life here is always hectic and full of hatred -we have to fight, beware... 'glad' that KL has came to this era... :)

Michael Tsen said...

its a compliment I guess ?

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