Thursday, November 6, 2008

How to compare Value for Money CPU

Recently I have to build a new PC so I was analysing which CPU is best value for money.

First I got this CPU comparison data

I put the the selling price I obtained from local sellers.  Then basically I just divide the performance marks by price to get an indication what to buy.

From this exercise, I learned the following :

Worst Buy ( More Money, no more value )
Intel E8400
AMD 5600+
Intel E2180

Best Buy ( "Normalize" Value for Money )
Intel E2200
AMD Sempron LE1150
AMD 5000+

Then I examine the mother boards used for Intel E2200 and AMD 5000+.  The graphic in AMD 7025/7050 chipset is so much better than Intel 925/G31.  AMD boards also have more fancy stuff like more support SATA drives by default, dual display, DVI output, support up to 16GB RAM ( although we don't need it but what the heck, we are talking about value for money now, not usage by money )

And AMD motherboard is cheaper than Intel's eventhough with more features.

So I ended up buying AMD 5000+ with Abit AN68SV


** OUT OF TRACK 思 想 出 軌 ** said...

Excel has only 250columns, but I need to set up a matrix form data as database for <2000 columns, what should I use? What kind of database you think it's easy to build? SQL, Oracle, Unix? or tailor made-how?

To to so, do you think MAC is better than PC?

Michael Tsen said...

one excel sheet has limited columns, but you can use multiple excel sheets to extend your columns needs.

when you talk about database and need 2000 columns, then you should design your 'table' with 20-30 columns and have 20-30 tables.

most dbms are similar for most people because most of the time we wouldn't use those specific dbms features. so it should be a price and supportability consideration issue.

MAC is cool while PC get real daily task done. Designing work like audio studio, video editing is great in MAC. But other tasks like presentation, matrix, analysis, scheduling, pc is better.

not sure what you mean by backup etc.

** OUT OF TRACK 思 想 出 軌 ** said...

What are the choices to meet the requirement of something like an extended version of an excel spreadsheet with more columns than it is? It is for the backup of a mass volume of data. The rest of the follow on analytical and calculative actions in typical excel are needed as well. Will consider the price, but what are the choices and price ranges. What sort of supportability? So it is a pc, what is the requirement and choices?

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