Saturday, November 22, 2008

IT industry is Immature

Quite frequently people who work in IT industry feel very proud because they think they are walking ahead of everyone else.

What general public needs to realize is that IT industry is still very NEW compare to other industry like finance, automobile etc.

When an industry is new it always get the hipes and a lot of jargoon that make it look really cool.

However, not all jargoons are real and sometimes some are totally bullshit.  Sometimes when a technology gets neglected because it has been in market for a while, then IT folks will come up with new fancy name to make it hot again, even though it is actually an old technology.  And this is our current IT industry stage.

ERP - Enterprise Resource Planning solution is one example that 80% of it is useless marketing terms and only 20% of it may have some usefullness.

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