Thursday, February 26, 2009

No more virus scan software ?

Although the born of computer is only less than 100 years ago, but the evolution is faster and larger than ever.  If you are looking for a virus can software, you may find a lot of choices nowadays.  But you may not know that whatever you are getting is no longer J U S T a virus scan.  Its typically a whole S E C U R I T Y suite !  Even if you said you don't want those features and even if they promise you there are nothing other than just virus scan, but the fact is ... the software is still doing stuff that you deliberately mentioned don't want them to do.  All in the name of ... your S E C U R I T Y !

2009 World Number 1 Secuirty Suite : Norton !!

I still cann't believe Norton get voted number 1 again consecutively since last year.  I am one of those who hates Norton, Symantec for they used to take advantage of user ignorance in the past.

So if you are like me who doesn't really like the big corp for the wrongs they did before, we can still go for the following list

ESET Smart Security
Trend Micro Internet Security Pro 2009
ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite 2009
BitDefender Internet Security 2009

of you can take a look at some popular reviews on this topic  :

As for the F R E E home users, I still think Avast tops AVG although they are pretty much at the same par now ( Avast used to kick AVG's ass no doubt in the past but AVG caught up quickly )

Lastly another interesting pattern is that if you search for a virus scan software in google or yahoo, you may end up in some pages who has GREAT offers for their solution.  However, some of those are actually virus spreading businesses.  Basically they spread some viruses so that when you search for cure for that virus, you will most probably land on their web page rather than Norton, Avast etc.  That's how they earn their money as they are good at (1) programming viruses and (2) Internet Marketing skills.

But most major search engines are working actively to filter out these kind of organization hand in hand with FBI so we are ok .... for now.
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