Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Flock - Out of the Browse Box

Not too long ago within my life time, as a matter of fact, it was only less than 15 years ago when the first 'browser' was developed.  It was a text base browser designed mainly for students to find books in any libraries all over United States.  The ability to find book anywhere, request to borrow it and the book arrived in a couple of weeks, was just amazing at that time !

Soon the lib-net turned into 'Inter' net, browser evolved accordingly into graphical arena.

The thing is no body really knew where Internet will bring us. 

The academy societies got excited first.  But very soon more general public adults got on the band and most of the adults have no interest in academy stuff.  Soon pornography reaches its top in internet industry.  But people cannot sustain 24 hours pornography-ing, so gambling joins the top too.  As a matter of fact, these 2 industries were the main driving factors for the growth of Internet Multimedia technology at that time.  After all, thats why they call it AV idol - as of Audio Video celebrity.  This was also the era where everyone is anonymous in internet.

Other businesses followed and created the whole hu ha about B2B, B2C jargons.

Then not only adults, everyone else joined in especially the teens.  What do the teens do ?  They hang out, they do stuff together, they call each other on phone and non stop chatting day and night.  So its no surprise internet become the heaven for all.

Since internet become 'the' place to social, anonymousity also evolves into internet identity where one would finally be able to become whoever she wants to be that she isn't.  But soon she found out that all this new internet identity can bring is just postponed disappintment.  Keeping too many internet identifies is eventually more hastle than fun.  So finally internet has become a 'real' place to get socialize.

Its no longer a Virtual Reality but internet is very real in our lives now.  Which it already eats into entertainment industry for good.  And recently it really eats into Politics as well, which actually is still a type of 'entertainment' :)

Anyway, browser technologies have fallen behind for quite some time since Internet has become a real social ground.  Google Chrome is the real and correct architected piece of software but most people are not software architect and couldn't care much about it.

Finally what this article was trying to bring out is that finally there is a browser catching up with what Internet has become.  Its called Flock !!

Its no longer just a browser but a social software that helps you socialize in internet world.  Its integrated with your facebook, picture upload engines etc.  I am right now writting blog inside Flock and then just upload it to wherever location whenever I want ...

The download site is darn slow and I haven't really checked who made this Flock yet but its something you may try if you are one of those who uses internet mainly to get socialized.
Blogged with the Flock Browser

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Anonymous said...

Interesting post. Good cartoon u chose - she is very attractive.

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