Thursday, September 24, 2009

Mythical Thin Client solution

Thin client solution was promising cost saving and maximizing computer resources. Basically you buy ONE powerful PC and then a whole lots of thin client 'boxes' which allows you to run as-if 10 PCs with 10-30% cost saving initially. One of such company is called Sunde

The saving is not really that big so the thin client company would mention the cost saving is significant when you upgrade. For example, the next time you upgrade, you just need to upgrade the ONE powerful PC and all 10 PCs will become as powerful, so they speak.

Within less than a couple of years, windows XP moves on to Vista and now Windows 7. Guess what, all Sunde old devices CAN NOT support Vista and Windows 7, NOR will they do anything to make their old devices running. The best advice they can give is for all their users to keep using the un-supported XP. They don't even dare to promote their latest devices because it doesn't support Windows 7 and they DON'T KNOW when they will be able to do so. It is most probably another abandon old products totally and create a new product just for Windows 7.

If you go ahead to upgrade the powerful PC, you will need to buy 10 new Thin Client Boxes. Else you mean be left only one working PC. So you may ended up buying a NEW PC and NOT upgrading the old ones. That way, your thin clients are NOT sharing resources for the biggest investment you have just put in. In many ways, such a small one time cost saving comes with a small performance degrade and a huge long term damage.

Not to mention stricthen internal network security may also cause your 10 thin clients to totally stop working or sometimes degrade terribly.

Most of the thin clients sellers 1 year ago are all un-contactable today.

Thin Client .... NOT the way to go in future. Microsoft has stated very clearly that such a resource sharing is violating their license rights.

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