Friday, September 25, 2009

Garnet OS Developement

All the Palm OS are now called Garnet OS after a re-branding exercise. Not quite sure if Palm has been sold and re-sell how many times. But basically if you have a Pilot, Palm Pilot, Vx or even a Treo and you are hoping to develope NEW solution for your devices, the best is you look for Garnet OS platform ... Palm has since then moved on to Windows Mobile OS and created a WebOS, which are both neither nor a truly organizer OS like Palm OS.

Sign up ADN, all the resources are there supposingly, I am still exploring it now ...

These are the steps

1. Get Eclipse ( should have JRE - Java Runtime in it already )
2. From Eclipse, get CDT or C/C++ development tool kit ( Its important you do it from the Eclipse you installed, different Eclipse version will require difference CDT version, they are not cross-usable )
3. Get Emulator
4. Get Simulator
5. Get SDK then these updates

Download Garnet OS Dev Suite about 180MB ( should have everything above in it )

If you have cygwin installed, uninstall it before installing Garnet OS Dev Suite because it comes with its own cygwin.

6. Get Reporter for tracing and debugging
7. Get NetFront if you want to build web application
8. Get Desktop SDK if you want to build something with the deskstop application too
9. Get Conduit for Hot Sync solution, remember to update latest file

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