Friday, October 9, 2009

Online Voice Modeling

It is NOT exactly a new thing to put voice on a web site but this particular service provider has made it, I think. I talked about voice on web before and that was about how bad it was. Today, LiveFaceOnWeb has totally changed my opinion.

Instead of selling the online voice 'technology', they are marketing their models. As in fashion model, speak person modeling etc, this is online voice models. Although the system is almost the same but the whole point of view is different. The spoke person looks like a real person, good looking, carry certain weight in representing certain market segments etc.

Having said that, they did do a good job too on the technological side too. As far as their internal work force is concerned, this whole phenomena is enabled by their technological break through. Basically they are able to fix the body image while keeping only a small portion on movement ( the speaking mouth and head ), so that bandwidth is greatly reduced while keeping the reality of a whole body.

Charging a few hundreds to thousands for online voice may sound rediculous, espeically when it is FREE somewhere else. But paying the same amount of money for models is so much CHEAPER than real life ones.

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