Thursday, April 28, 2016

Facebook kills Google ?

The launch of chat bot in Facebook will kill Google ?  So the news article below says -

For those who have seen the birth of Internet, it sounds funny because chat bot is so yesteryears.  It was one of the earliest invention, way before internet has come into form.  Universities dwellers crowd into a chat room talking days and nights.  Some lone souls keep talking chat bots and never gets tire of it.  Sometimes they were so proud that they showed their friends what bot can do too.  Very much like how you show off iPhone's Siri a few years ago.  Chat bots were created by researchers, students or hobbyists.  While nothing fancy other than just wordings, the AI design portion is pretty much there, it learns as it interacts.  Those who has involved AI would know, its about which learning pattern it will use.  As a matter of fact, a good AI would find and tune its own learning pattern.

However, at that time, there weren't enough powerful cheap machines to keep chat bot running for global community; there weren't an environment / eco systems  for bots to provide business values to; and ofcourse today's technology has added sound, visual and 3D animation

Haven't said that, its not like Google doesn't know bot at all.   They have chat bots all along even before their search site became popular.  They re-use it when they introduced google talks.  It's just that they have so many ventures they never really look into chat bots as a new Big thing to work on.

Google Translation bot :

It will be interesting to see if Facebook can really turn this chat bot into the new Big thing.  My bet is it is far from it but it is a Good beginning.  Someone will make something out of it and perhaps Facebook will then acquired him.


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