Friday, July 1, 2016

Best Value for Money mobile phone in Malaysia 2016 July

The following phones are selling mostly below RM 800 but have the features of what needed in today's modern world.

  • big RAM ie. 3GB
  • big Storage ie. 32GB
  • fast connection ie. LTE
  • acceptable resolutioh ~294 ppi pixel density
  • GPS & varies sensors

Both Xiaomi Redmi 3S Pro & Redmi Note 3 offer great deals for the money you paid.  After all Xiaomi could be considered as the "first" doable or successfully internationalized "alternative" brand i smart phone era.  So both of these phones are great choices for 1st timer getting a smart phone of those who wanted a backup phone but do not want to for go any useful features.

Note is the slightly bigger phone 5.5" compare to the other Redmi series ie 5"

The 2nd one is HTC Desire 628

I haven't used a HTC phone for so long that I don't remember its user interface but if I were to pick it up again I would probably start this this phone.  But since this isn't really that popular, this might not be my first choice on budget phone.

Wiko is another brand who goes along with "alternative" smart phone brands but unfortunately being late in the game, there are just way too many alternative brands nowadays that such alternative is really not a REAL alternative anymore.  Elephone is one example of such not so successful story. U Feel comes with fingerprint sensor but it isn't really a smart feature in my comparison factors.

Subsequently for a little bit more than RM 800 you could also get

Vivo V3 or
Huawei P9 Lite which is strongly recommended but only has 16GB storage

On the other hands, due to past less satisfactory experiences with their brands, these 2 are the qualifying phones but I personally could put them as my last options;

Asus ZenFone
Lenovo Vibe

So all and all, at this point in time.  If I were to get a new budget smart phone I would only go for Xiomi or Huawei for now.

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