Tuesday, November 3, 2009

1Mbps P1 Wimax vs 512kbps Streamyx

In short, P1 Wimax is absolutely hands down pathetic. Most bit torrent downloads can't be use or need tedious and technical settings. Even simple stuff like downloading emails from TMNet POP3 servers is a problem. Their online knowledge database is practically nil.

Connection performance drops to ZERO 5-6 times an hour despite showing strong signal and strong connections.

This may not be exactly a lab test ie. apple to apple comparison but nevertheless a real life test scenarios.

2 machines are connected to 2 different broadband networks.

One is a notebook Centrino Duo running XP, 1.5GB RAM connected to 1Mbps P1 Wimax
Another is a desktop Athlon 64x2 Windows 7, 2GB RAM connected to 512kbps Streamyx

Streamyx connection
test on Streamyx server
Streamyx connection
test on P1 server

P1 connection
test on Streamyx server
P1 connection
test on P1 server

The video is set to play back rate 4x, actual total length is 6 minutes.

Again this proves that the technology behind is practically irrelevant; Business management, the balance between system performance and marketing effort is so much more important to end users ...

Below shows another angle of the connection line quality ... basically A is best and range down to Z.


P1 Wimax


I haven't cut my Digi GPRS yet ....


lankapo said...

mmm good review. it's look like P1 need to enchance their service before can compare to Streamyx :)

wanmus said...

nice stories about how bad is potong..thanks. already copy yo my blog and give credit to you blog. hope you allow it. Thanks

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