Friday, November 6, 2009

PingTest vs SpeedTest

Thank god, finally someone cares more about quality and that is NOT just speed. As internet content becomes more lively ... not just flash and animation ... the key turning point is actually XHR, enable simple HTML web page to update partial of its content, giving a sense of Fast Response and It's Alive! effect.

Internet connectivity is no longer about just speed. Fast is nice but a fast connection that drops frequently is absolutely useless - like most of the 3G and WiMax connection now.

Simply because of a single introduction of XMLHttpRequest ,

traditional connection like GPRS or even dial up becomes useful again where once connected reliability is assured ( relatively ).

In order to test your interenet line quality, try Below is a sample result of Streamyx 512kbps line

And this one is P1 Wimax 1Mbps line

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