Thursday, November 5, 2009

snake oil IT businesses


Infoworld reported TOP 6 IT businesses that they classified as Snake Oil ... I spotted 3 of them out loud (3-5), did not agree with 2 of them (1,6) and had some reservation on #2
  1. AI - is FAKE intelligence really smart or just plain stupid ?
  2. CASE - I am a supporter on this but Program for the Program ? I have to admit, not everyone gets it!
  3. Thin Client - when a thick client is cheap, its a THIN client, period !
  4. ERP - All in ONE ! All in ONE ! But what is ALL ?
  5. B2B - One of the most stupid Internet terms of all time and yet still being bought by many investors.
  6. Social Webs - Let's have a serious meeting over a not-so-serious coffee table
Artificial Intelligence may be vague by itself but through the journey, we can
  • know more about ourselves, how we think, why we act etc.
  • eventually come up with something that is more 'natural' than today's machines
so even if AI will never be achieved, its OK. We will get somewhere. We will still CREATE somethings even if we are NOT god.

Social web by itself is NOT an engineering break through, its NOT a business so they say, because it has NOT business ground ! But then again, the whole entertainment industry started out as FREE shows, some social events etc. Until idols came out and money started flowing big time in entertainment industry. Idols are already coming out in social web ... money already started flowing ... so what if we can't get something serious out of social web, we can just earn good money out of non seriousness.

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